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  • ZHENDA GROUP is the professional manufacturer of Busbar Trunking System,Cable Tray and Switchgear,succeed in many electricity transmission classical projects like shanghai World Expo, Beijing Bird’s Nest. At the same time they are used in many fields like: Electric power,electric Grid, commercial real estate, communication, financial insurance, new energy, petro, etc. Our products have been exported to Malaysia, Philippines, Iran, Brazil, Russia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan and many other countries.

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  • ZHENDA GROUP always advocates its development strategies of Internationalization,Technologicalization and Industrialization in the context of the economic globalization. The Company attaches great importance to the innovation of institutional system, science&technologies and management. ZHENDA is extending its reaches from the domestic market to the international market,leveraging the portfolios of its value chain from the single components to the intergrated solutions, striving to meet the goal to develop ZHENDA into a world leading integrated low voltage electrical solution provider.

  • The factory owned by Zhenda occupied the areas of 65000 square meters with building area more than 30000 square meters which located in Xinghua, Jiangsu. The headquarter of Zhenda is in Shanghai. The total staff of Zhenda is more than 600 containing 60 professional engineers and 30 developing employers. Zhenda has offices in Beijing, Tianjing, Lanzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Wuxi, etc. Zhenda staffs covers all over the country, and we are dedicated to provide the best products for you!

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Why should you choose Busbar over Cable?

Busbar is a tried and tested technology for buildings that require a medium/high level of power. Although it is steadily becoming the preference for the majority of the construction industry, some sti...

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The difference between air - type busway and compact busway

Thedifference between air type busway and dense busway is as follows:1.Different insulating medium: there is a certain gap between copper rows of airbus slots, that is to say, the insulation betwee...

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Our Cu Busway System is Ready For Shipping

Today, our 4000A busway system: Cu conductor, epoxy insulated, IP65, have already to be packaged completely, is ready for shipping to Qatar. The project is the most classical project in Doha.

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ZHENDA Group 20th Anniversary Celebration

1999-2019, Times flies, 20 years the ZHENDA Group are booming here. As time goes by ,ZHENDA Group are stillbright. ZHENDA Group 20th Anniversary Celebration had beenhold on 12th January. Opening...

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